100 Websites Who Gives Guest Blogger Opportunities to Beginners

Guest Blogging has become really a good way to grow your search engine traffic gradually over time nowadays. But websites who provide guest blogger opportunities are really hard to find. When you are a beginner, nobody wants to link back to your website for free, why would they link you? But there are some websites who are beginner friendly and will provide you with opportunities to post your content to their websites for free. Your content must be of good quality though, and also it has to be optimized for search engines on-page.

Consistent Updates

I have compiled a quick list of sites that are beginner friendly and would be good targets for guest posts. These sites are in a variety of categories and vary in size, but all have set up a page on their site for guest posting submissions which means they are open to it which a huge time saver in itself.
In this article, we will provide a consistently updated list of such websites who are willing to post your content. You can also find sites to submit to using the guest Blogging community though. If you have any additional sites that are good for guest posting, please share them in the comments, and we will update this list with your submission if it is a good selection for guest Blogging.

  1. Offer Dispose Shoes
  2. Monetize Niche: Business, Finance, SEO, Crypto
  3. Daily Blog Tips Niche: Marketing, SEO, Politics, IT, Social Media, Blogging
  4. Shivar Web Niche: SEO, Marketing, Business
  5. Agency Analytics Niche: Blogging, SEO, Social Media, News
  6. Kiss Metrics Niche:Blogging, SEO, Social Media Marketing
  7. Mathew Woodward Niche: Blogging, Social Media, SEO, Marketing
  8. Monitor Backlinks Niche: SEO, Services
  9. Tech Juice Niche: Technology, SEO, Education
  10. RSWEBSOLS Niche: Design, Technology, SEO, Writer
  11. Copy Blogger Niche: Blogging, SEO, Social Media Marketing
  12. MOZ Niche: Blogging, SEO, Social Media Marketing
  13. Social Media Examiner Niche: Social Media Marketing, CREATIVE WRITING
  14. Working Mom Niche: Freelancer, Career, Lifestyle
  15. Famous Bloggers Niceh: Business, SEO, Marketing, Design, Social Networking, Making Money Online, Blogging
  16. Mirasee Niche: Business, Education, Marketing
  17. Fortune Lords Niche: Marketing, SEO
  18. Tech Wyse Niche: SEO, Marketing, Social Media, WEB Design
  19. Hell Bound Blogger Niche: Blogging, Social Media, SEO, Business, Technology, WordPress
  20. Site Pro News Niche: SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Business, Marketing, Video, Technology, eCommerce, Web Development
  21. The SEM Post Niche: SEO, Social Media
  22. Techni Blogic Niche: Blogging, SEO, Development, News, Technology
  23. Advanced Web Rankings Niche: SEO, Social Media, Marketing, Blogging
  24. Seo-Hacker Niche: SEO, Development
  25. Tech Jeny Niche: Technology, Design, SEO, Marketing, Social Media, WordPress, Affiliate
  26. Inbound Now Niche: Marketing, Social Media, SEO, WordPress, Social Media SEO

List of Fashion, Design, Service, Education, and Business Niche:

  1. Action Gin London Niche: Acring, Marketing, Design, Fashion
  2. Bella Canvas Niche: Fashion, Business, Marketing
  3. The Loop Niche: Fashion, Entertainment, Travel, Food, Social Media
  4. Luxury Launches Niche: Fashion, Travel
  5. Eco Warrior Princess Niche: Fashion, Food, Health, Career, Social Media, News
  6. Our Braine Niche: Blogging, Marketing
  7. HubSpot Niche: SEO, Marketing, Blogging
  8. Finances Online Niche: Services, Business, Marketing, Finance
  9. Online Shipping Blog Niche: Services, Business
  10. Freelancer Niche: Business, Services
  11. Concious Life Style Mag Niche: Health, Services, Magazine
  12. Peopel Per Hour Niche: Services, Pets
  13. Pre Loved Niche: Pets, Services
  14. Vandelay Design Niche: Design, Business, Services
  15. MBACRYSTALBALL Niche:  Sport, Education, Career
  16. Fed Smith Niche: Business, Education, News
  17. American Pharmacutical Review Niche: Education, Health, Business
  18. UX Mastery Niche: Career, Education
  19. Advice Milk Around Niche: Education, Career, News
  20. Real Life Global Niche: Education
  21. Knowledge Hut Niche: Technology, Business, Education
  22. Open Colleges Niche: Education
  23. Tile Niche: Education
  24. ELEARNMAG Niche: Technology, Education, Career
  25. AAO Niche: Education
  26. The College Fix Niche: Education, News
  27. Design Hack Niche: Design, Marketing
  28. Graphic Design Junction Niche: Design
  29. 1st Web Designer Niche: Design, Marketing
  30. Media Loot Niche: Design
  31. Design Beep Niche: Design
  32. CSS Author Niche: Design
  33. In Design Secrets Niche: Magazine, Design
  34. Site Point Niche: IT, Design

List of Gaming, Home and Self Improvement, Entertainment, and Sports Guest Post:

  1. Digital Connect Mag Niche: IT, Gaming, Technology, Development
  2. Hidden Remote Niche: Entertainment, Gaming
  3. TECHGENZY Niche: Technology, News, Gaming
  4. Politico Niche: Politics, Magazine, News
  5. Creative GaGa Niche: Design, Magazine
  6. Morning Chores Niche: Home Improvement, Food
  7. Curbly Niche: Design, Home Improvement
  8. Sebring Design Build Niche: Home Improvement
  9. Anglian Home Niche: Home Improvement
  10. Talk Chelsea Niche: Entertainment, News, Sport
  11. The Shovel Niche: Entertainment, Sport, Business
  12. Sport TechIE Niche: Sport, Technology
  13. Football Transfer Traven Niche: Sport
  14. LeagueLane Niche: Sport

List of Photography, Health and Fitness, Cryptocurrency, Psychology, and Travel Niche:

  1. IPICCY Niche: Photography
  2. 121 Clicks Niche: Photography
  3. Photo Traces Niche: Photography
  4. Fitness Magazine Niche: Health, Fitness
  5. PaleO Magazine  Niche: Fitness, Food
  6. Pilate Sand Yoga Fitness Niche: Health, Fitness
  7. Precor Niche: Fitness
  8. Fitness and Power Niche: Fitness, Health
  9. The PTDC Niche: Fitness
  10. Coin Central Niche: Crypto, News
  11. Coin Sutra Niche: Crypto
  12. CCN Niche: Crypto, News
  13. CryptoCurrency News Niche: Crypto, News
  14. WireXapp Niche: Crypto, Finance, Technology
  15. Coin Desk Niche: Crypto, News, Technology, Business
  16. Bitcoin Magazine Niche: Crypto, Magazine, News
  17. Meet Mindful Niche: Health, Psychology
  18. Psych Central Niche: Health, Psychology
  19. Relevant Magazine Niche: Psychology, Education
  20. Go Abroad Niche: SEO, Development, Design, DOMAIN HOSTING
  21. The Culture Trip Niche: Travel
  22. Introvert Dear Niche: Travel
  23. Hip Munk Niche: Travel
  24. India Times Niche: Travel
  25. Edreams Niche: Travel
  26. Times of India Niche: Travel

This is the Updated List:

  1. Hive Health Media
  2. The Meditation Den
  3. InkWell Editorial
  4. My Blog Today
  5. iTech Engine
  6. All Fishing Gears (Fishing)
  7. Rank Web Page (SEO and Digital Marketing)
  8. Pro Theme Lab (Website Theme Solution)
  9. Web Hosting Coupon (Web Hosting Dscounts)

If you need more guest blogger opportunities like these, here is a list of more free backlinks website

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