Ubersuggest 3.0 : The Best Free All in One SEO Tool by Neil Patel

Ubersuggest 3.0 is Out

There was a rumor in the SEO industries that Neil Patel, who is one of the giants of digital marketing wanted to buy Ahrefs, which is one of the best-paid SEO tools for keyword research and link building. Previously, he bought Ubersuggest which was once a paid keyword research tool, he made it free for all after buying it. Neil wanted to do the same to Ahrefs. But the owners of Ahrefs did not want to sell it as they did not want to make it free.

After this, Neil promised his followers, views, and subscribers that he is coming with a free SEO tool which will be better than Ahrefs. And he promised to make it free for all.

Neil proved himself a man of word. He came with Ubersuggest 3.0 which will now start to compete with Ahrefs and SEMRush which are two giant fishes in the SEO industry. Neil is trying to provide great values in SEO Industries for free. He said he is trying to influence the market into the artificial intelligence. After all, this is a piece of great news for digital marketers and affiliates who use SEO for their primary method to market their products or services.

Features of Ubersuggest 2.0

Ubersuggest 2.0 was a keyword research tool mainly. It provided with related long tail keywords when you provide a basic keyword. It helped you to rank for more long-tail keywords which are similar to your post and niche. The reason it was so great that it provided the same service for which other companies and SEO tools owners charged money.

Thus Ubersuggest 2.0 was the best free SEO tool for keyword research in 2018 and the beginning of 2019. Oh, I almost forgot, it also provided with the top 10 SERP’s which websites are ranking for that specific keyword.

Moreover, it provided the most approximate monthly search volume of a keyword, Google Keyword Planner also provided that, but Ubersuggest was more accurate than Google Keyword Planner.

What’s New in UberSuggest 3.0?

Ubersuggest 3.0 has just released, it is normal to have some bugs and software issues in the new version of Ubersuggest. But, the good news is Ubersuggest 3.0 will now provide link intersection information of a domain which it did not provide before. We had to buy a subscription of Ahrefs or SEMRush to use these services which are very important for SEO and Search Engine Rankings.

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