Best Anonymous Chatting Apps to Chat with Strangers

WhatsApp can eavesdrop. Skype is monitored by the US government. What options are there for those who want to chat with a minimum of privacy?

I suggest you try one of these five secure messaging apps for your mobile.


TigerText allows you to send messages that self-destruct after a short period of time or after they have been read. In this, it is very similar to SnapChat. Messages cannot be saved or forwarded, and are protected by strong encryption. It was named in honor of Tiger Woods, the famous golfer who was involved in a sex scandal.

Platforms: Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone 7


Another app with encryption in all stages of transmission of the message, from the sending of it to its reception. The identification of the users is double: it is carried out with email and telephone number. Support for encrypted SMS is very useful when there is not a connection available. In addition, it has a blacklist.

Platforms: Android, iPhone, BlackBerry


It is promoted as the best safe alternative to WhatsApp and the other messaging apps that come pre-installed on the phone. Its greatest attraction? The security, obviously, that Griffin provides through a combination of messages that self-destruct and encrypt. Also, it does not allow taking screenshots.

Platforms: Android


If you are one of those who only send SMS and MMS, TextSecure is the app for you: encrypt your short messages with a password. By encrypting messages locally, they remain secure even if your phone is stolen or lost. Do you want a transparency guarantee? TextSecure is an open source application.

Platforms: Android


The last app that I present to you is an open source application capable of communicating with other applications compatible with the OTR protocol, such as ChatSecure (iOS), Adium (Mac) or Pidgin (Windows, Linux). And the users? They are added from Facebook. For more in, GibberBot is compatible with Orbot, the famous anonymous and unlimited navigation plugin.

Platforms: Android

Chat safe, but you have to use it …

The biggest drawback of these applications? That almost nobody uses them. It is very difficult to convince your contacts to migrate from a popular service to a less famous and, at first, more complex to use. Maybe, the secure chat app being developed by the creator of The Pirate Bay, can popularize secure chat.

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